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Reduce Your Industrial Gas Costs by up to 90%

Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. has been a leading supplier of nitrogen generators, oxygen generators and custom engineered gas generating systems since 1994.

Our primary mission is to help our clients substantially reduce the costs associated with procuring conventional cylinder gas and bulk liquid nitrogen and oxygen by utilizing leading edge technologies such as onsite nitrogen and oxygen generating systems.

Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. also specializes in the design and supply of low and high pressure air and gas compression systems.

How Does Industrial Gas Generation Work?

Industrial nitrogen and oxygen generators can produce nitrogen or oxygen on demand for a fraction of the cost of conventional nitrogen and oxygen sources such as cylinders, dewars or bulk liquid supply.

Nitrogen and oxygen can be generated from atmospheric air. The air we breathe is composed of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The remaining 1% is trace gases. Nitrogen molecules are much larger than oxygen molecules and we use the size difference between these two molecules to physically separate atmospheric air.


Case Studies

Euclid required the design and supply of a medium pressure compressed air system for new laser cutting machines.

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Hella required a small capacity, mobile membrane type nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen to some machinery.

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Johnvince Foods incorporated onsite nitrogen generating technology to improve efficiency and reduce their bottom line.

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Polaris used a high pressure nitrogen generating system as part of the process to manufacture plastic parts.

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Worley Parsons required a continuous supply of nitrogen, for its compressor seal gas purge, to compress sour gas.

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