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Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Coffee Packaging and Other Coffee Applications

Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Coffee Packaging and Other Coffee Applications

For many of us, coffee is the morning fuel that helps us get through the rest of the day. Very rarely, however, do we stop and think about where our coffee comes from and what goes into the preparation process. There’s actually a lot that goes into roasting, storing, and packaging coffee to maintain its strong flavour profile and freshness for as long as possible.

Nitrogen generators for the food and beverage industry play an integral role in the preservation of our beloved coffee varieties to maximize and extend its shelf life for as long as possible.

What Is the Role of Nitrogen Gas in Coffee Packaging Applications?

Bulk Coffee Storage Purging

Roasting coffee beans enhances the flavour profile and aroma of the coffee. Once the coffee beans are roasted, they need to be stored in an enclosed storage facility such as a silo. It’s important to control oxygen levels in the storage area as overexposure to oxygen in the deplete the aroma and flavour profile of the roasted coffee beans.

Nitrogen gas can help counteract and prevent the negative effects of overexposure to oxygen while also controlling the oxygen content in storage, packaging, and transport facilities. To maintain the quality of the coffee beans, the oxygen level in the storage facilities need to be 1% or less. Onsite nitrogen generators for coffee bean storage can help produce a steady stream of nitrogen gas that displaces oxygen in the storage areas and therefore maintains high product quality for long periods of time by keeping the coffee beans fresh and preventing the natural oils in coffee beans from reacting with ambient oxygen and over time, going rancid.

Nitrogen Flushing in Coffee Packaging

Nitrogen flushing is widely used in coffee production and packaging. Nitrogen gas purity requirements for all coffee storage and packaging applications typically range between 99% and 99.9%.

The use of an onsite nitrogen generator to supply food grade quality nitrogen gas is the most cost-effective means of supplying nitrogen used for atmosphere flushing in the production of coffee pods, K-cups and larger storage cannisters or bags. After nitrogen flushing the coffee product is sealed airtight with virtually no oxygen present inside the package. This atmosphere will greatly extend coffee product freshness and product shelf life.

Nitrogen-Infused Coffees

Nitrogen-infused coffee, which is also known as nitro cold brew or simply cold brew coffee, is a recent development in the industry. Pressurized nitrogen gas or a combination of CO2 and nitrogen gas is injected into chilled kegs that contain traditionally brewed coffee. Served on tap in the same method as beer, nitrogen-infused coffee typically has a much smoother and less bitter flavour profile than regular iced coffee without needing enhancements like cream or sugar. An onsite nitrogen generator is capable of supplying the necessary nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen Gas Generators for the Coffee Packaging Industry from Advanced Gas Technologies

As the coffee packaging process is continuous this process is particularly well suited to the use of an onsite nitrogen generator. An onsite nitrogen generator will provide the lowest cost nitrogen available. Based on the typical nitrogen purity of requirement of 99.5% the typical cost to produce 100 cubic feet of nitrogen will range $0.08 to $0.12 or $0.03 to $0.05 per cubic meter. Compare that to what you’re currently paying for nitrogen supplied from your local industrial gas supplier.

Advanced Gas Technologies designs, supplies and installs state-of-the-art onsite PSA nitrogen generators that can be used for the coffee packaging industry. This advanced technology is designed to substantially lower nitrogen costs, while reducing administrative costs and eliminating transport costs associated with purchasing conventional nitrogen supply. By eliminating conventional nitrogen supply transport requirements, you also lower the environmental impact of coffee production by producing nitrogen gas onsite. Contact us today to learn more about onsite nitrogen generators.

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