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Nitrogen Generators for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Many production and research laboratory processes in the pharmaceutical industry require a stable, continuous supply of high-quality pure nitrogen gas for a variety of applications including maintaining an inert atmosphere on various oxygen sensitive materials, packaging processes, laboratory glove boxes and laboratory analysis instrumentation. Installing an onsite nitrogen generating system from Advanced Gas Technologies guarantees a steady flow of pharmaceutical grade nitrogen at all times. Not only does Advanced Gas Technologies market nitrogen generators for pharmaceutical applications we can provide professional nitrogen generator installation services, routine maintenance, and repair service as required.

What Is the Role of Nitrogen in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry?

Nitrogen gas is required for a number of critical processes in the pharmaceutical industry including blanketing, inerting, and sparging pharmaceutical materials during the manufacturing, pre-packaging, packaging, and distribution processes. Purity level requirements will vary depending on the application or materials that the nitrogen gas is being used for at any given time. Generally, however, the pharmaceutical industry demands nitrogen gas purity levels that can range between 99% and 99.999%. Higher purity levels are typically required for more oxygen sensitive materials.

Given nitrogen gas is also extremely dry it can displace any ambient moisture surrounding materials that may be sensitive or react negatively with moisture. Nitrogen gas also allows for safe storage of any volatile or flammable chemicals or materials when these materials are blanketed by inert nitrogen.

There are a lot of practical, environmental, and cost-saving benefits to installing onsite nitrogen generating systems for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Having onsite PSA or membrane nitrogen generators for your manufacturing facility reduces your company’s carbon footprint by eliminating nitrogen deliveries from external suppliers. It also eliminates time spent on procurement and if you are using cylinder nitrogen, it eliminates the potential health and safety risks associated with handling nitrogen gas cylinders. Most importantly using an onsite nitrogen generator can lower your ongoing nitrogen costs by as much as 90%.

Advanced Gas Technologies is proud to provide state of the art nitrogen generators, system installation and routine maintenance services to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities across North America. Contact us today for product and service details or to book a consultation with one of our nitrogen generating system experts.

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