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Oxygen Generators

Onsite oxygen generation is a beneficial and cost-effective solution to meet your industrial oxygen requirements. Onsite oxygen generators increase safety by eliminating the need for the transportation and handling of oxygen tanks and can increase efficiency when using oxygen for various applications.

Oxygen Generation Technologies: PSA and VPSA

There are two main types of oxygen generator technologies: Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) and Vacuum Pressure Swing Absorption (VPSA).


PSA Oxygen Generators

Ambient air is approximately 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and the balance is trace. Oxygen generators use PSA technology to produce oxygen with a sieve material called zeolite. A compressed air stream is passed through a pressure vessel filled with zeolite sieve. The porosity structure of Zeolite allows the material to capture and absorb the larger nitrogen molecules as the compressed air flows through, leaving a stream of oxygen to flow out the opposite end of the pressure vessel.


VPSA Oxygen Generators

VPSA oxygen generators are designed for higher oxygen flow capacities and use blowers instead of compressed air as well as a vacuum pump which is used to assist with optimal molecular sieve regeneration. As a standard, these oxygen generators operate with a lower working pressure, but oxygen booster compressors can be included in the system scope of supply for higher oxygen pressure requirements. VPSA oxygen generating systems will typically have much lower operating costs then PSA type oxygen generators.

How Much Does It Cost to Produce Oxygen
with an onsite Oxygen Generator?

Onsite oxygen generators are highly beneficial in terms of increasing productivity and convenience, but when it comes to price, they can have a quick return on investment. The cost for oxygen can be reduced by up to 70% by having an oxygen generator installed onsite. The following are typical costs for standard oxygen supply in the North American marketplace.

cylinder / oxygen
$3.00 - $15.00 per M3 / $8.00 - $40.00 per 100 CF

liquid dewar / oxygen
$0.70 - $1.50 per M3 / $1.80 - $4.00 per 100 CF

bulk liquid / oxygen
$0.15 - $0.75 per M3 / $0.40 - $2.00 per 100 CF

Based on an oxygen purity of 95%, geographic location, and associated electricity costs, typical operating costs (energy and maintenance) for generating oxygen on site can range from as low as $0.07 per M3 / $0.18 per 100 CF to $0.11 per M3 / $0.28 per 100 CF.

The Benefits of an Onsite Oxygen Generating System

Before onsite oxygen generating systems were invented, industries, hospitals, and businesses needed to purchase oxygen from gas suppliers and were charged to have it delivered. With the development of PSA and VPSA oxygen generating systems the risks and hassles associated with purchasing oxygen in bulk were eliminated.

The following are some of the benefits of generating your own oxygen:

Cost Savings

On average, it costs between one third to one half less per CF for self-generated oxygen than what it costs to continuously procure cylinder or cryogenic oxygen from a gas supplier. With onsite oxygen generation, there are no delivery fees and having a system onsite can pay for itself within 18 months.


Oxygen generating technology has been available for decades. Having an onsite oxygen generating system is dependable and simple. It uses surrounding air in the atmosphere to create the oxygen needed, which means you will never worry about having a shortage of oxygen.

Improved Safety

Without the requirement of having oxygen tanks delivered, the potential for hazards and injury is 100% eliminated. There is no need for your employees to handle or transfer the tanks from trucks to your facility.


Another benefit of onsite oxygen generation is that they can function anywhere electricity and air is available.

Oxygen Generator Applications

There are a multitude of oxygen applications where oxygen can be supplied cost effectively by oxygen generators. These include the following:


Onsite oxygen generators are ideal for aquaculture. They enable fish farms to dissolve oxygen into a variety of tank sizes, which helps to boost stocking densities and raise healthier fish. Oxygen increases reproduction rates, ensures the fish flavour is better because of a cleaner environment, prevents ice from forming during the winter, and displaces excess nitrogen in the tank.

Water Treatment and Purification

Offensive odours and bacteria in sewage water are a challenge to eradicate with inadequate levels of purification, which is why onsite oxygen tanks are so valuable to this industry. With 24/7 oxygen availability, you can reduce nitrogen levels, meet peak O2 demands, re-purify wastewater, control odours, deter corrosion damage, and meet the increased requirements for wastewater purification.

Gold Mining

To boost gold recovery and reduce your mine’s operating costs, onsite oxygen generation is the solution. It increases the level of dissolved oxygen in your mine’s leaching process without the added costs of purchasing liquid oxygen and having it delivered to your facility. With onsite oxygen generation, you can increase your gold and silver recovery, decrease cyanide costs, decreases waste treatment costs, and more.

Oxygen Generator Services from Advanced Gas Technologies

With an onsite oxygen generator system, you can lower your ongoing oxygen costs by up to 70% depending on the application. There are not too many technologies out there that will achieve those types of cost savings. To install your own nitrogen gas generator for your industrial application, contact Advanced Gas Technologies Inc.

We provide the following oxygen generator services:

Installation Services

We install generators across Canada, the United States, and most regions around the world through our global network of industry partners.

Maintenance Services

Our team offers around-the-clock service support for oxygen generators. If you require maintenance for your existing system, we will ensure that your generators are up and running in great condition so you can get back to your operations.

Since 1994, Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. has been marketing, installing, and maintaining industrial gas generating systems, standard industrial compressor systems, and engineered compressor systems throughout North America.

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