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Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Coffee Packaging and Other Coffee Applications

For many of us, coffee is the morning fuel that helps us get through the rest of the day. Very rarely, however, do we stop and think about where our coffee comes from and what goes into the preparation process. There’s actually a lot that goes into roasting, storing, and packaging coffee to maintain its […]

Industries Using Laser Cutting: Why You Should Consider Onsite Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen gas has numerous applications across a variety of industries on a global scale. It can be used in the food and beverage packaging industries to maintain long-term product freshness and extend the shelf life. It can also be used in chemical plants and refineries to inert the headspace of chemical storage and processing tanks […]

Onsite Nitrogen Generator for Wineries: Nitrogen Sparging, Blanketing, and Wine Bottling

Winemaking is a delicate process that requires a great deal of passion, precision, and most of all, unlimited attention to detail. Certain biological and chemical processes such as oxidation and contact with contaminants can spoil a good batch or blend of wine, destroying the fruits of your labour. Oxidation and contaminants can alter the taste, […]

What You Need to Know about Nitrogen Generator Maintenance

Although nitrogen generators require minimal maintenance regular maintenance checks are critical to keep them running with problem free and prevent the shutdown of facilities and operations that depend on them. Scheduled nitrogen generator maintenance performed by a professional service provider is particularly beneficial for large facilities such as food manufacturing plants. These types of facilities […]

Nitrogen Generators: What You Need to Know before Getting Your Own Nitrogen Generation System

Facilities that utilize nitrogen gas on a regular basis can benefit greatly from onsite nitrogen generators. Onsite nitrogen gas generators are cost-effective and convenient solutions that allow facilities to generate and manage their own nitrogen gas supply without having to rely on conventional nitrogen supply from industrial gas suppliers. Traditionally, ordering nitrogen gas cylinders or […]

Onsite Oxygen Generators for Wastewater Treatment

Advanced Gas Technologies provides state-of-the-art onsite oxygen generators for a wide range of industrial applications including wastewater treatment plants. By eliminating the need for transporting bulk liquid oxygen or transporting and handling heavy oxygen cylinders, this is a highly beneficial, convenient, and cost-effective oxygen supply solution that lowers the facility’s carbon foot print and increases […]

Nitrogen Generators for Inerting or Blanketing Fuel and Chemical Tanks

Nitrogen blanketing is a process that’s necessary in industries that handle volatile and combustible materials. Safely handling these materials is a major priority in order to prevent fires or explosions that can damage infrastructure and result in on-the-job injuries and fatalities. With that in mind, it’s important to have a standard nitrogen blanketing execution plan […]

Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Electronics Manufacturing

In the electronics manufacturing industry, surface mount technology has become a common practice. Not only does surface mount technology help the process of mounting electronic components directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board and increase manufacturing automation, but it increases safety and enables electronic devices to perform better under the right conditions. In […]

Onsite Oxygen Generators for Aquaculture: How It Works and the Benefits for Fish Farming

Oxygen gas is a vital part of today’s fish farming industry. Typically in the aquaculture industry oxygen is supplied by an onsite oxygen generating system. Oxygen generation for fish farms helps improve the level of oxygen that fish directly absorb through the water. This supply of oxygen helps raise a variety of fish species including […]

Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of various materials is a common process in the manufacturing sector, but under the wrong conditions, the heat from cutting various metals will cause oxidation and/or poor cut quality of metal surfaces. Oxidation will ruin the aesthetics of the finished product. It can also impact its rust resistance and durability. Poor cut quality […]

Onsite Nitrogen for Renewable Energy

Nitrogen gas offers a variety of uses for many manufacturers in the industrial world but transporting nitrogen generators to your facility can bring a host of challenges, added costs, and safety issues. By setting up onsite nitrogen generation, you displace the requirement of having to purchase the gas and bypass many of the challenges that […]

10 Industries That Could Benefit from a Nitrogen Generator

One of the most common elements found in the earth’s atmosphere is nitrogen gas. In fact, 78% of the air we breathe each day consists of nitrogen. Aside from its natural formation, however, there are also many industrial uses where nitrogen is created and applied. Since it’s such a versatile gas that can easily be […]

Onsite Oxygen Generators for Biogas Desulphurization

Biogas is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced during the decomposition of organic matter  such as plants, food waste, and animal waste, also known as biomass. Biogas is mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, as well as water, trace amounts of nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. Biogas is released when organic […]