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Industries Using Laser Cutting: Why You Should Consider Onsite Nitrogen Generators

Industries Using Laser Cutting: Why You Should Consider Onsite Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen gas has numerous applications across a variety of industries on a global scale. It can be used in the food and beverage packaging industries to maintain long-term product freshness and extend the shelf life. It can also be used in chemical plants and refineries to inert the headspace of chemical storage and processing tanks to reduce the risk of explosion or minimize the presence of oxygen. Among many other industrial applications, the use of nitrogen gas is widely  used for laser cutting metal materials.

Keep reading to learn about different industries that incorporate laser cutting applications and how installing onsite nitrogen generators can benefit most laser cutting operations.

Which Industries Use Laser Cutting?

Currently laser cutters are used for a wide array of applications across many industry segments around the world. In the next few years, the number of processes that can benefit from laser cutting is expected to grow exponentially as laser cutting techniques and equipment continue to undergo massive technological advancement.

The two primary types of laser cutters operated in industrial applications are CO2 laser cutters and fiber laser cutters. The use of an onsite nitrogen generator for beam purge requirements and/or assist gas will greatly lower operating costs associated with nitrogen supply requirements when compared to conventional nitrogen supply.

Here are some of the industries that regularly use nitrogen generators for laser cutting.

Custom Metal Fabrication Industry

Laser cutting is widely used in the custom metal fabrication industry and is useful for cutting various types of metal including carbon steel, stainless steel, tungsten, steel alloys and aluminium. Computerized laser cutting systems mean fast set up times and exceptional metal cutting precision regardless of the thickness of the metal part being cut.

Onsite nitrogen generators for laser cutting machines ensure that your equipment will always be powered at full capacity so that you can create high-quality cuts for various metal components.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has seen tremendous growth and advancement over the decades. With great expansion comes the need for high-quality, durable, and long-lasting materials to create expertly engineered and crafted aerodynamic parts and structures. Laser cutting systems help create these parts and structures.

From precision crafted components required for slim seating systems for commercial aircrafts to incorporating more high-quality and precisely fitted essential components, laser cutting is a cost-effective and dependable solution for a variety of requirements and applications in the aerospace industry.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is also benefitting greatly from the use laser cutting machinery to efficiently and quickly produce metal parts. Having an onsite nitrogen gas generator for laser cutting automotive parts and equipment is a safe and cost-effective solution that can help businesses reduce the size of their carbon footprints and lower operating costs while also increasing convenience and flexibility.

Laser cutting also fills another major gap in the automotive industry in that it allows companies to replicate or recreate car parts that are hard to find or completely out of circulation due to the age of the vehicle. Car manufacturers and enthusiasts who are looking to refurbish an older vehicle now have the capability to custom replicate obsolete metal components. Furthermore, laser cutting technology can be used to repair various internal engine pieces and external body parts on virtually any vehicle make or model.

The use of nitrogen from an onsite nitrogen generator will ensure optimum cut quality.

The Benefits of Using Your Own Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generator for Laser Cutting Applications

Regardless of the industry or application, there are a number of benefits to installing your own onsite nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen gas for your laser cutting requirements. Regardless of whether you need a membrane or PSA type nitrogen generator, these machines automatically provide a reliable ongoing supply of nitrogen gas right when you need it with minimal maintenance required.

Here are some other onsite nitrogen generator benefits to consider.

Major Cost and Time Saving Advantages

From the ordering to the transportation and delivery process, there are a lot of miniscule factors that go into purchasing new nitrogen supply. Depending on your nitrogen usage levels, installing an onsite nitrogen generator for laser cutting machinery is a much more cost- and time-efficient solution because the cost to produce nitrogen on site is lower then the cost you’re paying for your conventional nitrogen supply. It also allows you to lower your carbon footprint by cutting out nitrogen deliveries and eliminates nitrogen delivery fees entirely.

The use of an onsite nitrogen generator also eliminates the wasteful nitrogen purge requirements associated with using TriFecta or similar nitrogen pressure boosting systems required with bulk liquid nitrogen supply. These nitrogen pressure boosting systems waste anywhere from 10% to 20%+ of the nitrogen a laser cutting system requires.

Increased Safety Standards

To further build on that point, installing onsite nitrogen generators for your laser cutting operations can also improve safety in the workplace, especially if you’re using nitrogen cylinder bulk packs. Loading and unloading, then transporting and installing nitrogen tanks comes with a variety of potential health and safety risks for you, your employees, and the delivery personnel to name a few. When you have an onsite nitrogen generator in your workplace, you can effectively skip this step altogether and prevent the possibility of workplace injuries associated with cylinder handling along the way.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

You can significantly reduce your business’s environmental impact and carbon footprint simply by eliminating the need to transport and install new nitrogen tanks or receive liquid nitrogen deliveries every time you run out of nitrogen. By producing your own nitrogen onsite using a reliable and durable nitrogen generator, you can also increase your business’s cost-efficiency and reputation as an industry-leading company.

Eliminate Operational Downtime

Sometimes, conventional nitrogen delivery delays can happen at the most inopportune times—like when your supply has run low or when it’s completely depleted. This can force industries that rely on nitrogen such as laser cutting operations to completely halt their operations until they receive new nitrogen supply. Fortunately, businesses that have the capacity and capability to produce and store nitrogen gas onsite never have to worry about these operational delays or downtime.

Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting from Advanced Gas Technologies

Laser cutting applications are amongst the most difficult applications to assess for adaption of onsite nitrogen generating technology. Nitrogen flow and purity requirements can be highly variable, especially with custom metal fabrication operations.

Advanced Gas Technologies has the necessary expertise and experience required to assess your operation’s nitrogen flow and purity requirements and offer a turnkey, state of the art nitrogen supply solution including feed air compressor system, high-efficiency onsite PSA or membrane generator, properly sized nitrogen booster compressor and nitrogen storage systems.
We’ve installed dozens of onsite nitrogen generating systems for laser cutting applications throughout North America over the last 20 years. Let us put our expertise to work for you. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of nitrogen generators for laser cutting applications.

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