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Onsite Oxygen Generators for Biogas Desulphurization

Onsite Oxygen Generators for Biogas Desulphurization

Biogas is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced during the decomposition of organic matter  such as plants, food waste, and animal waste, also known as biomass. Biogas is mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, as well as water, trace amounts of nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. Biogas is released when organic material is exposed to an environment without oxygen (an anerobic environment) and ferments.

Through the fermentation process, organic waste can be broken down and turned into a source of energy that can be used to generate heat and power for industrial and agricultural applications.

However, biogas (specifically the alkali sulphide within it) can seriously damage fermenting equipment that’s made of wood, concrete, and metal along with its pipelines if it’s not desulphurized.

Keep reading to see the benefits of onsite oxygen generation for biogas desulphurization.

Why Is Oxygen Needed for Biogas Plants?

Oxygen can be used to desulphurizes biogas plants and the equipment within.

Certain sources of biomass will produce biogas that has a high sulphur content. This sulphur reacts to become hydrogen sulphide in the resulting biogas, and when combined with moisture in the biomass, it forms a highly corrosive and acidic mixture called alkali sulphide.

By adding oxygen in the fermenter or the facility’s equipment and storage tanks—a process known as biogas desulphurization—it encourages bacteria development, which decomposes the hydrogen sulphide microbially. Oxygen acts as a neutralizer when it comes into contact with certain acidic and corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulphide.

This is important because introducing oxygen into the biogas production process prevents harmful components of biogases from corroding biogas plant process surfaces such as piping material and tanks.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oxygen Generation in Biogas Plants?

Biogas plants can benefit greatly from purchasing and installing their own onsite oxygen generators. The benefits include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Improving jobsite safety standards by eliminating hazards associated with handling oxygen tanks during delivery
  • Functional flexibility—oxygen generators are compatible with all industrial complexes as long as there’s a reliable source of electrical energy
  • Dependability—with an onsite oxygen generation system, you’ll never have to worry about missed deliveries of conventional oxygen supplies
  • Reduced operating costs—generating your own oxygen supply means you won’t have to spend time and money ordering tanks from third-party companies, and you can manage your own oxygen supply

Advanced Gas Technologies Oxygen Generation Solutions for Biogas Plants

Advanced Gas Technologies offers state of the art, high-efficiency onsite PSA oxygen generators for biogas plants. This innovative technology will help lower your ongoing oxygen costs by up to 70%. In addition to providing high-performance reliable technology, we also offer expert installation, maintenance, and repair services as required.

Additionally, we provide round-the-clock support for all of our clients to ensure that your oxygen generating systems are always in excellent working condition. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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