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AGT Case Study: EUCLID

When you say Detroit, one industry comes to mind above all else - automobiles. That was the arena for Michigan-based automotive parts manufacturer L&W Group, which started a subsidiary called Euclid Manufacturing (Euclid). Euclid was tasked with installing new laser cutting machines to manufacture metal parts for one of the US' Big Three auto manufacturers.

As one might expect, laser cutting is no simple task; and in the automotive industry it encompasses carriage components, hydro-formed parts, composite materials, airbags, and roller blinds. In Euclid's case, the lasers required a source of medium-pressure compressed air to assist in the cutting process, but Euclid was a new start-up facility without expertise in this particular field.

Euclid hit the market seeking a supplier who could design and supply the required medium pressure compressed air system but were having difficulty in the local market, and couldn’t  find a company with the necessary expertise capable of assisting in this critical process requirement.

The initial wave of proposals didn't move the needle for Euclid's engineers, but one of the team members had seen Advanced Gas Technologies' website and contacted us for our opinion on system design and after that initial contact requested Advanced Gas Technologies submit a proposal of our own.

Rather than rush out an estimate like some of our contemporaries are wont to do, the Advanced Gas Technologies team took the time to undertake a thorough analysis of current and anticipated future compressed air requirements for the laser cutting operation and presented a detailed proposal for a turnkey medium pressure air compressor system.

The proposal detailed a staged design for a system to meet Euclid’s specific current and future requirements. It included the scope of equipment supply and projected energy and maintenance costs for the proposed system. Euclid personnel felt an immediate comfort level with Advanced Gas Technologies and their proposal and proceeded to award the project to Advanced Gas Technologies.

The first stage of Euclid’s medium pressure compressed air system was commissioned in January 2013 and has operated flawlessly ever since. Business at Euclid has been trending upward and Advanced Gas Technologies is pleased to announce that it received a second order in August of 2015.

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