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Containerized Oxygen Generating SystemContainerized Oxygen Generators

The old method of acquiring oxygen was to deliver cylinders, dewars or bulk liquid oxygen. Times have changed and containerized onsite oxygen generators are now available for “plug and play” installation. Onsite oxygen generation is a beneficial and cost-effective solution to meet your industrial and medical oxygen requirements

Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. is a world industry leader in the supply of containerized oxygen generating systems. Following, we explain why onsite oxygen generators can be the best choice for your business’s oxygen requirements.

What Is a Containerized Oxygen Generator?

A containerized oxygen generator is an entire system of pre-assembled equipment which typically includes an air compressor system, oxygen generator and, if required, an oxygen booster compressor. It is a portable, plug-and-play system housed in a modified sea container which has the benefit of being economical and taking up little space. These oxygen generating systems operate efficiently and require minimal upkeep and can produce oxygen quickly onsite and on demand. They have the added benefit of portability and can be moved to different sites as required.

The containerized oxygen generator consists of twin zeolite-filled adsorptive towers to capture nitrogen from compressed air while letting oxygen flow into an oxygen receiver tank. One of the oxygen generator towers operates online until the zeolite sieve in the tower is saturated with adsorbed nitrogen. Then the online tower is depressurized to release accumulated nitrogen into the atmosphere while the second tower comes online to produce oxygen. Controlled by a PLC, the two towers continuously cycle back and forth to continuously produce oxygen as required. If there is no demand for oxygen the system will automatically go in standby mode until there is demand for oxygen again.

Benefits of Containerized Onsite Oxygen Generating Systems

Longer Life/Durable

Containerized onsite oxygen generating systems are engineered to protect their internal components from extreme weather and temperatures thus ensuring maximum equipment life cycles.

Easy Maintenance Access

A containerized oxygen generating system is designed to ensure ease of access to all critical components requiring routine maintenance. This ensures quick maintenance turnaround times and easy access to components in the event repair is required.

Outdoor Location

Containerized onsite oxygen generators are typically located outdoors and therefore don’t take up valuable in-house floor space.

Portable & Reliable

If necessary, containerized oxygen generators can easily be transported to different jobsites. Portable and dependable O2 supply is always available with onsite oxygen generating systems.

Low Operating Cost

In order to save operating expenses, onsite oxygen generators efficiently eliminate the requirement to deliver and store high pressure oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen. As a result, the absence of delivery fees, long-term contracts, price increases, and cylinder rentals ensures that a containerized onsite oxygen generating system quickly pays for itself.

Energy Consumption

Advanced Gas Technologies uses only the most efficient oxygen generators available in the market for their containerized oxygen generating systems. These oxygen generating systems have low specific energy consumption and can function in an energy-saving partial load mode and automatically adjust to the product flow process requirements.

oxygen-generatorApplications of Containerized Oxygen Generators

Medical Industry

The fundamental benefit of onsite oxygen production is supply-side protection. Cost savings are another advantage, especially in remote regions of the world where centrally distributed oxygen supply from cryogenic air separation plants is not available. The need for medical oxygen generators is increasing quickly worldwide as a result of the ongoing COVID epidemic.

Ozone Production

The use of onsite oxygen generators for ozone production ensures that you'll always have access to a steady and reliable source of oxygen for ozone synthesis. As a result, you won't have to bother bringing bulk liquid oxygen or large, pricey oxygen cylinders to your project. Additionally, this can lower your operational expenses dramatically and help your business become more environmentally sustainable.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling

An oxygen generating and filling station is a system made up of an oxygen generator and a high-pressure oxygen compressor for filling cylinders. Customers can use the system to refill oxygen cylinders for their own needs or to supply others.

Water Treatment

A basic human need is access to clean, pure water. Every human requires safe water, whether for drinking or hygiene. Unfortunately, as the world's water usage rises, finding clean water is getting harder. Using oxygen supplied by an onsite oxygen generating system is an essential part of the process in eliminating contaminants and pollutants from your water supply. Oxygen generators are also widely used for waste water treatment operations.

Containerized Oxygen Generating Systems by Advanced Gas Technologies

At Advanced Gas Technologies Inc., our mission is to support you in achieving the highest level of industrial production while maintaining financial viability. Since 1994, we have been marketing, installing, and maintaining industrial gas generating systems, standard industrial compressor systems, and engineered compressor systems throughout North America.

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