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Hella Case Study

German-based global automotive parts manufacturing giant, Hella Group (HELLA), is based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and both develops and manufactures lighting and electronic component systems.

While HELLA has a potent manufacturing and supplier network in Western Europe, it required a small capacity, mobile membrane type nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen to some plastic component manufacturing machinery at one of its plants in Mexico.

Despite being a huge company, HELLA’s needs in this instance were small and simple; a combination that many companies in the Western Hemisphere weren’t bending over backwards to fill, particularly with a client that wasn’t likely to do a lot of repeat business in their market, and whose needs were for a basic, low-cost system.

HELLA approached several potential membrane system suppliers but was having difficulty finding a supplier to meet its needs until reaching out to Advanced Gas Technologies Inc.

Rather than worry about the small size of the project, Advanced Gas Technologies immediately moved ahead to find a cost-effective solution that met the company’s requirements. Instead of lamenting that the invoice wasn’t for a large dollar value, Advanced Gas Technologies landed a new customer and have supplied several of these systems to HELLA over the past half decade (5 years).

Lesson learned: Size matters not; satisfied customers do.