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High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors



  • Industrial duty 3, 4, and 5 stage air cooled reciprocating compressors
  • From 3 HP to 125 HP
  • Flow capacities to 125 SCFM
  • Pressures to 7000 psig
  • Vertical and horizontal configurations
  • 'Integra' fully integrated systems, complete with compressor, storage and fill station in one unit
  • Open frame configuration or fully enclosed sound attenuated compressor enclosures for quiet operation
  • Moisture monitors available
  • CO monitors available
  • Electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine driven units
  • Trailer mounted portable units
  • All systems fully CSA certified for breathing air use

Fill Stations

  • Front loading SCBA fill stations
  • Anti-abrasion collars and liners to protect exterior of SCBA cylinders
  • Up to 8 SCBA fill capability
  • Fill speed controller
  • Optional multi fill pressure capability )
  • Optional automatic PLC display for control of SCBA filling
  • Optional electric motorized control valve that stops SCBA fill if fill station’s door is opened during fill period
  • All units include isolation valves, regulators and fill whips
  • Cascading valve assemblies available as an optio

High Pressure Storage Systems

  • DOT cylinders to 6000 psig available
  • ASME cylinders to 7000 psig available
  • Multi-cylinder assemblies available complete with
    • Storage rack
    • Manifolding
    • Pressure relief valves
    • Pressure regulators
    • Pressure gauges
    • Isolation valves