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Laser Cutting

One of the most technically challenging applications for onsite nitrogen generating technology is laser cutting. Nitrogen purity and flow requirements can vary widely depending on the material being cut and the thickness of the material being cut. With that said nothing can provide a company with more cost savings than to generate your own nitrogen with onsite nitrogen generating technology, especially if you are currently purchasing high pressure cylinder gas.

Nitrogen generating systems can be provided to supply beam purge gas or cutting gas at nitrogen purities ranging from 95% to 99.999% at any nitrogen pressure that may be required. Advanced Gas Technologies Inc., with their unparalled experience in high pressure gas compressor systems, has specialized in designing and installing nitrogen generating systems for laser cutting since 2006. Our experience has made us a market leader in this space which is the reason why company’s such as Rockwell Automation and Magna International entrusted Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. with designing and installing their nitrogen generating systems for laser cutting.

Whether you’re cutting aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel Advanced Gas Technologies can design and install a turnkey system to meet any requirement. Call us today to receive more information and a quote.


High Pressure Nitrogen Generating System / Flow Capacity 1200 SCFH / Purity 99.995%+


Medium Pressure Nitrogen Generating System / Flow Capacity 3000 SCFH / Purity 99.995%+

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