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Nitrogen Generators for the Chemical Industry

Nitrogen gas is completely undetectable in that it’s odourless and colourless. It’s an inert gas that can be used to neutralize the potentially harmful effects of oxygen in chemical manufacturing operations through a process called nitrogen blanketing (also known as tank blanketing). Nitrogen blanketing is the process of introducing nitrogen gas into a storage vessel that will be used to store chemical components or finished chemical products.

The chemical processing industry spends a great deal of money on transporting nitrogen from large air separation plants owned by the big industrial gas companies to their chemical manufacturing plants. Given the ready availability of tried and proven onsite nitrogen generating system technology there is a much more cost-effective solution to the chemical manufacturer’s ongoing nitrogen requirements that will also lower their carbon footprint in the process.

Advanced Gas Technologies offers affordable, efficient onsite nitrogen generators for chemical tank blanketing and purging requirements.

What Is the Role of Nitrogen Generation in the Chemical Processing Industry?

The role of nitrogen generation in the chemical processing industry is to remove or neutralize oxygen that may be present in various chemical manufacturing processes. When oxygen comes into contact with certain chemicals, the results can be dangerous as the potential for an explosion or fire may occur. The presence of oxygen can also have a negative impact on the quality of feedstock material or finished chemical products.

Neutralizing or eliminating oxygen by inerting the tank with gaseous nitrogen prevents these potential hazards and ensures that chemical products maintain a high-quality level while safeguarding employees from potential workplace hazards.

Which Business Markets Can Benefit from Onsite Nitrogen Generating Systems?

The following is a partial list of business markets that regularly use nitrogen gas to neutralize the presence of oxygen from their facilities in an effort to uphold safety measures and product integrity or freshness.

Nitrogen is a basic, yet versatile inert gas that can be used for a number of important applications. Installing a reliable onsite nitrogen generating system is a worthwhile investment for any industrial operation that requires the frequent usage of nitrogen gas. It enables facilities such as chemical processing plants to produce their own steady flow of nitrogen gas without having to rely on truck deliveries of cylinder nitrogen or liquid nitrogen; deliveries that have a significant carbon impact on the environment due to vehicle emissions.

Nitrogen Gas Applications in the Chemical Industry

Industrial applications for nitrogen gas include:

  • Nitrogen sparging
  • Nitrogen blanketing
  • Nitrogen purging

Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generators from Advanced Gas Technologies

At Advanced Gas Technologies, we specialize in providing cutting-edge Membrane and PSA nitrogen gas generators for chemical processing and a wide range of other industries around the world. There are many benefits to purchasing an onsite nitrogen gas generating system from Advanced Gas Technologies. We can custom design a nitrogen generating systems to meet your specific nitrogen requirements and expert installation, maintenance, and repair services are available as needed. Our nitrogen gas generating systems can help maximize your operation’s profitability, reduce or eliminate downtime, and increase safety standards all while lowering your carbon footprint. Contact us today to learn more.

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