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Nitrogen Generators for Heat Treating

There are a lot of advantages to installing an onsite nitrogen generating system for your heat treating operations. In addition to the unparalleled, on demand convenience factor, an onsite nitrogen generator for material processing can also help cut down operational costs. There is no wasteful nitrogen evaporation loss that is associated with conventional bulk liquid gas supply. Onsite nitrogen generating systems eliminate the need to order and purchase nitrogen every time your supply runs low and needs to be replenished. The convenience of generating your own nitrogen onsite also gives you more control and access to monitoring the nitrogen purity and oxygen levels of the nitrogen for specific applications.

The Purpose of Nitrogen Generation for Heat Treating

Nitrogen gas is used in heat treating processes to remove oxygen from furnaces and create an inert environment that eliminates oxidation and is conducive to creating high-quality products with excellent finishes.

To determine the appropriate nitrogen purity levels for each project, it’s important to note the exact oxygen content that the furnace model and material that’s being processed can safely tolerate. Heat treating requires a nitrogen purity rate ranging between 99% and 99.999% for optimal performance and to maintain safety standards. Oxygen can severely weaken and discolor the product.

Some Industries That Use Nitrogen Heat Treating

  • Aluminum extrusion operations
  • Specialty metal production operations
  • Metal fabrication operations
  • Metal tube manufacturing operations

Onsite Nitrogen Generators from Advanced Gas Technologies

Advanced Gas Technologies has been designing, installing and maintaining highly efficient, state-of-the-art, PSA nitrogen generators for metal production and fabrication facilities with heat treating operations for over 20 years. We can supply complete turnkey systems including feed air compressors, required nitrogen booster compressors and all related ancillaries. Call us today and let us put our expertise to work and help you cut nitrogen costs by installing an onsite nitrogen generating system.

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