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Nitrogen Generators for Selective Soldering

Nitrogen Generators for Selective Soldering

Selective soldering involves soldering specific components to a printed circuit board (PCB) and molded modules. It is an alternative to other types of soldering, like wave soldering and reflow soldering, because it allows workers to solder components at once. As the name suggests, this type of soldering is used when a PCB consists of both through-hole and surface-mount components.

Selective soldering allows for a more precise and efficient soldering process, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive components and ensuring high-quality solder joints.

How Nitrogen Is Used in Selective Soldering

Like wave and reflow soldering, selective soldering also requires an inert gas environment. Nitrogen is an inert gas that can be used to create a safe atmosphere for selective soldering to be carried out. Nitrogen is used to control the atmosphere and rid it of oxygen or carbon dioxide that may affect soldering and lead to poor solder joints.

This will prevent oxidation of the solder and the PCB’s surface. It is no surprise that electronics manufacturers use nitrogen in their soldering process to create a suitable, oxygen-free environment for high-quality solder joints.

Advantages of Using Nitrogen Generators in Selective Soldering

Using nitrogen generators in the soldering process has many benefits, from improving soldering quality to reducing waste.

Improves Soldering Quality and Consistency

Selective soldering requires a high nitrogen purity level ranging from 99.99% to 99.999%. Nitrogen generators can produce high-purity nitrogen gas to achieve a better soldering process, improving soldering quality.

Increases Production Efficiency

Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen gas onsite, taking away the stress and the need for changing nitrogen cylinders or dewars. This will improve efficiency and eliminate potential downtime associated with delivery delays from your suppliers.

Reduces Oxidation and Defects in Soldered Joints

Oxygen in the ambient atmosphere can disrupt the soldering process, resulting in poor solder joints. Nitrogen generators can help create a consistent flow of high purity nitrogen that can help create an atmosphere that can prevent oxidation and produce high-quality soldering joints.

Eliminates the Need for Expensive Conventional Nitrogen Supply

Since nitrogen generators produce nitrogen gas onsite, you don't have to spend money on expensive nitrogen cylinder or dewars and you can eliminate associated handling requirements thereby reducing the potential for workplace accidents.  Nitrogen generators are a better and extremely cost-effective nitrogen supply solution that can lower the cost of conventional nitrogen supply by up to 90%.

Reduces Dross in the Selective Soldering Process

Dross is the oxidized metal and impurities that form when molten solder comes into contact with air and the manufacturing environment during the soldering process. This is usually collected and goes to waste. Nitrogen generators can help reduce dross formation by ensuring an oxidation-free environment. This means less waste and efficient use of the materials.

Types of Nitrogen Generators for Selective Soldering

Due to very high nitrogen purity requirements for selective soldering processes a PSA type nitrogen generator is required. These nitrogen generators can efficiently and cost effectively produce nitrogen intermittently or continuously on an automatic demand basis at the lowest cost possible.

Contact Advanced Gas Technologies for Onsite Nitrogen Generators

Onsite nitrogen generators provide a reliable supply of nitrogen gas. It makes the selective soldering process easier. The quality of the solder joints is better, dross formation is reduced, damage can be avoided, production becomes more efficient and the high cost of nitrogen cylinders or dewars is totally eliminated.

Get nitrogen generators today to enjoy all these benefits. At Advanced Gas Technologies, we offer both PSA type nitrogen generators and membrane type nitrogen generators. Both membrane type and PSA type nitrogen generators are relatively compact and can fit in most industrial floor spaces.

Contact us toll-free at 1-(866) 725-7551 in North America or (905) 305-0094 local and overseas to learn more about our onsite oxygen and nitrogen generators, including our high-efficiency onsite membrane nitrogen generators and PSA nitrogen generators for selective soldering.

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