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Nitrogen Generators for Aerospace Applications

Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation for Aerospace Applications

Safety is paramount in the aerospace industry. Nitrogen gas is one element used to ensure a safe environment as it maintains inert atmospheres and prevents combustion in systems operating under high temperatures or pressure. To do this effectively, a consistent supply of nitrogen is indispensable in the aerospace industry, and this is where onsite nitrogen gas comes in! It provides a reliable and steady supply of nitrogen.

Unlike nitrogen cylinders, onsite nitrogen generators are a more cost-effective and efficient way to produce nitrogen gas for aerospace applications.

The Significance of Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation in Aerospace Applications

Nothing provides more ease and convenience than onsite nitrogen gas generation for aerospace applications. First and foremost, nitrogen is an inert gas. It does not react with other substances, especially oxygen, which means that it displaces oxygen and prevents fire or explosions, which are prone to occur in specific applications in the aerospace industry. Onsite nitrogen generation provides autonomy and convenience and reduces the risk of production downtime or delays due to cylinder shortages.

Onsite Nitrogen Generation Technologies for Aerospace Applications

The aerospace industry has a high nitrogen consumption. The industry relies heavily on nitrogen gas to create an inert environment for many applications. Onsite nitrogen generation saves the stress associated with logistics or cylinder delivery delays. There are two main nitrogen generation technologies used in the aerospace industry:

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators

PSA nitrogen generators use compressed air to separate nitrogen from oxygen in the air. PSA technology uses two towers full of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to separate nitrogen molecules from oxygen molecules in the air. What makes this the best is that the process is done in minutes. PSA nitrogen generators produce high-purity nitrogen, ideal for aerospace industrial applications with a purity requirement above 98%.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

A membrane nitrogen generator separates nitrogen from ambient compressed air using a membrane that consists of hollow polymer fibers. These fibers allow oxygen molecules and water vapours to escape while trapping the nitrogen molecules and allowing them to flow downstream to the process point of use. The oxygen and any remaining water vapour are vented out, leaving only dry nitrogen to be collected.

Applications of Onsite Nitrogen Generation in the Aerospace Industry

Onsite nitrogen generating systems are used for producing nitrogen gas for the following applications in the aerospace industry:

Aircraft Tire Inflation

Nitrogen gas is needed for tire inflation because it is the only economically feasible inert gas widely available that can provide a stable and safe environment and reduces the risk of tire explosions during aircraft landings and take offs. It also prevents oxidative degradation that can compromise the integrity of rubber tires and enhances aircraft tire life.

Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting

Tanks carrying aviation fuel are dangerous because they can explode. But when nitrogen is used to inert the fuel tanks, the possibility of fire explosion is reduced.

Oleo Strut Shock Absorbers

Oleo strut shock absorbers are used to absorb and redistribute the landing loads. Onsite nitrogen generation is employed to recharge and maintain oleo strut shock absorbers in aircraft landing gear and prevent leakage from the seals in the oleo struts. Nitrogen enhances the shock absorbers’ performance and minimizes the chance of combustion due to heat, ensuring a smooth and controlled landing experience.

Escape Slide Inflation Systems

Escape or evacuation slides are of the utmost importance in a plane. They help get passengers safely off the plane in case of an emergency. Just like tire inflation, compressed carbon dioxide and nitrogen inflate emergency escape slides in aircrafts. Nitrogen’s inert nature ensures rapid and reliable deployment, while CO2 is combined with nitrogen to regulate the release of gases from the valve.

Laser Cutting/Welding

Precision is paramount in airplane component manufacturing. Laser cutting and welding applications in the aerospace industry require nitrogen gas to ensure higher-quality and precise cuts or welds.

Autoclave Inerting

Nitrogen is employed in autoclaves for composite material manufacturing in aerospace. Nitrogen creates a stable and inert environment and mitigates the combustion hazard posed by the high temperatures and pressures in autoclaving. It also prevents oxidation and enhances the curing process, ensuring strong components.

Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Generating Systems in Aerospace Applications

Learn how the aerospace industry can benefit from onsite nitrogen gas generating systems.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Generating nitrogen on demand reduces the risk of storing and handling large quantities of nitrogen cylinders. This ensures a safer working environment and minimizes the potential hazards common in the aerospace industry.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

With onsite nitrogen generation, you can expect an ROI in as little time as within seven months. It eliminates the need for regular nitrogen gas deliveries and associated rental or transportation costs. You can also avoid the price fluctuations of vendor-supplied nitrogen.

High-Purity Nitrogen Gas Generation

PSA onsite nitrogen generating systems can produce high-purity nitrogen gas that meets global aviation standards. Since it creates nitrogen onsite, there is a consistent and reliable supply whenever required.

Time Savings

With onsite nitrogen generation, there is no waiting time for nitrogen gas delivery, cylinder replacement, or security checks. The immediate availability of nitrogen increases operational efficiency and reduces downtime.

Learn More About Advanced Gas Technologies’ Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generators

Implement a nitrogen generator to optimize your operations and eliminate the delays in getting nitrogen cylinders from vendors. At Advanced Gas Technologies, we understand how critical safety is in the aerospace industry. We offer state-of-the-art Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Membrane nitrogen generation systems suitable for tank or autoclave inerting, tire inflation, laser cutting or welding, and many other aerospace applications.

Contact us today to learn more about our nitrogen generation systems for the aerospace industry and other industrial applications and we will guide you in selecting the right nitrogen generator for your facility.

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