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nitrogen generators for breweries

Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Breweries: The Role and Benefits of Nitrogen for Brewers

For centuries, beer has been one of the most popular and widely enjoyed alcoholic beverages across the globe. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just unwinding with a cold one on your back porch after a long day, beer is a staple in many households.

Aside from beer connoisseurs and brewers, however, few people generally wonder about the process that goes into brewing various types of ale, let alone the important role that nitrogen gas plays in it.

Read on to learn about the benefits of installing onsite nitrogen generators for breweries.

Why Onsite Nitrogen Generating Systems Are Important for Breweries

From macro to microbreweries, every institution that makes their own beer can benefit greatly from installing onsite nitrogen generators. Traditionally, a combination of nitrogen and CO2 (carbon dioxide) are used throughout various stages of the beer-making process, including preventing beer oxidation and purging tanks between applications. Little do most brewers know, the majority of CO2 used in these processes can be replaced with pure nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen gas can also be used to transfer beer from one tank to another and to pressurize kegs. It can also be used in bottling and canned beer prior to shipment to help extend the shelf life and maintain purity of the product.

The Role of Nitrogen Gas in the Beer Brewing Process

There are four stages involved in the brewing process:

  1. Malting involves combining a series of elements including starch, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals to make the base material used for starch batch.
  2. Mashing is the process of mixing the malt with hot water to activate the enzymes, so they break the starch down into natural sugars, which are separated from the batch. This results in wort.
  3. Next, the wort is boiled to a certain temperature. The temperature varies depending on the type of beer being made and the ingredients that are going to be added.
  4. Lastly, the mixture is cooled and divided into equal portions, at which point yeast is slowly added in to commence the fermentation process.

Due to its inert properties, nitrogen is the ideal gas to use for various applications throughout the beer brewing process, including:

  • Purging tanks after each batch is removed in preparation of the next one to remove residual wort, mashing, and malting
  • Prevent cross-contamination between batches
  • Displace oxygen and carbon dioxide in tanks during the beer transferring process
  • Pressurize kegs, bottles, and cans to maintain and extend product freshness, quality, and shelf life
  • Adding nitrogen to beer to increase carbonation and enhance flavour

Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Breweries

Onsite nitrogen generators for breweries have the following benefits:

  • Lower carbon emissions by not having to transport nitrogen from different locations
  • Lower carbon emissions by reducing or eliminating the use of CO2
  • Significantly lowers the cost of nitrogen gas when compared to conventional nitrogen supply options
  • Eliminate risk of nitrogen supply shortages and delayed deliveries
  • Reduce operational carbon footprint
  • Increase safety measures by minimizing the risks involved with transporting and handling nitrogen in liquid dewars or nitrogen gas cylinders

Get Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Breweries from Advanced Gas Technologies Inc.

Advanced Gas Technologies is a leading designer and supplier of PSA and membrane type nitrogen generators that can be installed on virtually any industrial and commercial property to enhance and economize operations costs. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of onsite nitrogen generating systems in your brewery operation.

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