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nitrogen generator for tire inflation

The Importance of Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Tire Inflation

Nitrogen gas is used for a wide range of applications, particularly for tire inflation. Since nitrogen molecules are larger than those of oxygen, inflating tires with nitrogen ensures that the tires retain their pressure for longer as it is harder for nitrogen molecules to escape. This can improve gas mileage, increase the lifespan of the tire, and result in less downtime due to tire issues.

Nitrogen is also an inert gas, which means that, unlike oxygen, it won’t have any adverse or dangerous effects on the tire itself. Nitrogen gas for tire inflation can reduce the risk of oxidation, condensation, and other forms of wear and tear to the inner liners, steel belts, and rims of the tire.

Since transporting nitrogen gas can be time-consuming and expensive, using onsite nitrogen generators for tire inflation is the most efficient method of generating nitrogen for your tire inflation needs.

Why Nitrogen Gas Is Used for Heavy Transportation, Off-Road Mining Vehicles, and Aircraft Tires

Nitrogen is often used for heavy transportation, large off-road construction vehicles, mining vehicles, and aircraft tires because it substantially improves the lifespan of the tire and prevents explosions in the event of a tire blow out.

In fact, nitrogen has been used for decades by NASA, the U.S. Military, and Indy and NASCAR teams because nitrogen has been proven to maintain consistent tire pressure.

Off-road vehicles that are filled with air (oxygen), for instance, are susceptible to tire blow outs or fires due to the excessive breaking and exposure to external elements. Nitrogen gas, however, is not combustible and has a flammability rating of zero. Using nitrogen generators for off-road vehicle tire inflation is a much safer option.

The same applies for aircraft tires. It’s important to optimize safety standards and operational efficiency as much as possible. Since nitrogen gas is non-flammable, it is the preferred gas to not only inflate aircraft tires, but also aircraft slides and life rafts. Nitrogen provides a stable and inert atmosphere and also prevents moisture from getting trapped inside the tires. Using nitrogen generators for tire inflation also minimizes wheel corrosion, tire fatigue, and fires.

What Are the Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Tire Inflation?

Some of the benefits of installing onsite nitrogen generators, such as PSA nitrogen generators and membrane nitrogen generators, include:

  • Significant cost savings. Generating your own nitrogen means you won’t have to pay market prices for cylinders or delivery fees.
  • Reduce your environmental impact. Large transport trucks that consume high quantities of fuel and often have to travel long distances are typically used to deliver nitrogen tanks. Onsite nitrogen generators eliminate the need for deliveries and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Increase operational efficiency. You’ll always have a steady supply of nitrogen gas available when you need it with no risk of running out.
  • Eliminate operational downtime or delays. Sometimes, nitrogen tank deliveries can get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, causing significant operational delays. Producing your own nitrogen gas onsite means you’ll never be at the mercy of another delivery company or schedule again.

Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Tire Inflation from Advanced Gas Technologies

If you’re looking for nitrogen generators tire inflation, Advanced Gas Technologies provides custom-tailored solutions. We provide state-of-the-art PSA and membrane nitrogen generators that are designed to meet your exact operational requirements and provide you with a reliable and consistent supply of nitrogen. Contact us today to learn more.

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