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Onsite Oxygen Generators for Glass Blowing

Glass blowing is a unique art form that’s been around for centuries. In order to produce beautiful glass creations, however, professional glass blowers require a steady supply of oxygen at their disposal. Using PSA oxygen generators is a great way to reduce the size of your carbon footprint and ensure that you never run out of oxygen for your glass blowing projects and other similar artistic endeavours. Plus, onsite oxygen generators for glass blowing eliminate the need for expensive and sometimes unreliable oxygen cylinder deliveries.

Which Industries Use Oxygen Generators for Glass Blowing?

Onsite oxygen generators can be used for many glass manufacturing and production applications that require high temperatures and certain flame capacities. Generating your own oxygen onsite is also a safe and easy way to guarantee a continuous oxygen supply. It eliminates the need to transport oxygen cylinders long distances and makes it easier for glass blowers working in more remote or rural locations to maintain a steady and reliable source of oxygen for their creative projects.

Oxygen is typically used for glass working by torch, glass blowing, lens manufacturing for automobiles, neon light tube production, flame polishing porcelain materials, and burning ovens. Depending on the specific application a PSA oxygen generator can supply the required oxygen.

How Is Oxygen Used in the Glass Blowing Industry?

Glass can only be reshaped or formed into different figures when it’s completely melted down. Based on the density and composition, glass typically has a melting point that ranges between

1400 °C and 1600 °C.

Oxygen is used in the glass blowing industry to help the glass more quickly reach its necessary melting point. To produce the high temperature, oxygen is combined with a gas fuel inside of the glass blowing torch.

Oxygen is also used in various other glass blowing applications such as annealing, deburring, and edge finishing. These processes help produce a more polished and vibrant final product.   

What Are the Benefits of Using Onsite Oxygen Generators in the Glass Blowing Industry?

There are a lot of worthwhile benefits of installing onsite oxygen generators for your glass blowing operation. Whether you run industrial or commercial glass blowing operations, installing onsite oxygen generators is the fastest, safest, and most efficient solution for your business. Here’s why:

  • Cut down overhead and operational costs
  • Eliminate the need for and cost of oxygen cylinder deliveries
  • Significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint by eliminating oxygen deliveries
  • Increase onsite safety standards by eliminating cylinder or dewar handling
  • Increase operational efficiency by not having to wait for deliveries or cylinder replacement

Onsite Oxygen Generators from Advanced Gas Technologies

If you’re looking to reduce your operational costs and environmental impact in the glass blowing industry, then it makes sense to install an onsite oxygen generator from Advanced Gas Technologies. We offer turnkey oxygen gas producing solutions that are customized to support your specific projects and infrastructure at a reasonable cost. Other applications that our oxygen generators are perfectly suited for include jewellery manufacturing, aquaculture, fish farming, fish hatcheries, gold mining, wastewater treatment, brazing, ozone generation and sewage treatment. Contact us today to learn about our cost-effective PSA and VPSA oxygen generators.

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