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oxygen generator brazing

Onsite Oxygen Generators for Brazing

Brazing is an incredibly versatile method for joining multiple pieces of metal to form one structure. It’s used across a wide range of industrial applications to form a durable and long-lasting piece of metalwork.

Oxygen plays an important role in regulating atmospheric and heat source temperatures to create the ideal conditions for high-quality metal joining. Investing in an onsite oxygen generator for brazing can help maximize production efficiency for small and large operations.

What Is Brazing?

Brazing is a common practice that’s used for various industrial applications to join two different metals and make them into one sturdy and cohesive piece. The process involves melting a filler metal such as copper, aluminum-silicon, gold, silver, nickel, etc. and pouring it into the adjoining ridge between the two work pieces. The filler metal is just hot enough to go into a liquid state and achieve capillary action (spread throughout the adjoining ridge without external intervention).

Once the filler metal is in a liquid form, flux is added to purify it and facilitate its flow for proper wetting. Wetting allows the liquid filler metal to smoothly flow over the base metal (the two work pieces that are being joined together) to create a smooth surface. The filler metal then goes through a cooling process that secures all of the adjoining pieces in place.

Although the processes are related, brazing is different than welding and soldering. Welding involves melting the filler and base metals, whereas brazing leaves the base metals in their solid form. Soldering is different because it involves working at higher temperatures than brazing and the adjoining parts are fitted right against each other with no gaps in between the seams for capillary action to take place.

Welders use the following heating methods for brazing:

  • Torch brazing
  • Furnace brazing
  • Silver brazing
  • Braze welding
  • Dip brazing
  • Cast iron brazing
  • Vacuum brazing

Why Is Oxygen Gas Preferred Over Air in Brazing Operations?

Oxygen gas is used in brazing operations and atmospheres to concentrate the heat from its source and produce more seamless and precise metallurgy work. It also helps regulate the temperature of the heat when brazing to prevent melting the work pieces along with the filler metals. Reducing the margin of error by introducing isolated oxygen gas into the work atmosphere also lowers operational costs and boosts ROI.

Disadvantages of Using Portable Oxygen Cylinders for Brazing

  • It’s expensive
  • It’s dangerous because mishandling oxygen cylinders during transportation can lead to accidental combustion or explosion
  • Replacing empty cylinders is time consuming
  • Cylinders are heavy and complicated to install
  • Reduces productivity

Installing an onsite oxygen generator for brazing can resolve all of these issues. PSA oxygen generators provide a consistent and reliable supply of high purity oxygen without the need to stall brazing operations.

Onsite Oxygen Generators for Brazing, Cutting, and Welding from Advanced Gas Technologies

Advanced Gas Technologies is one of the leading distributors of state-of-the-art high purity oxygen generators. We provide comprehensive installation and maintenance services for all of our onsite oxygen generators. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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