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oxygen generators for ozone production

Industrial Oxygen Generators for Ozone Generation

Also known as trioxygen, ozone is a pale blue gas made up of an inorganic molecule that has the chemical formula O3. Not only does it have a distinctly pungent odour, but it’s also an allotrope (physical form) of oxygen. Since ozone molecules tend to break down quickly in Earth’s lower atmosphere, which is scientifically referred to as the troposphere, ozone is considered to be an unstable substance.

What’s the Role of Oxygen Generators in Ozone Generation?

Ozone generating systems adsorb oxygen from a wide range of sources including dry air, concentrated oxygen, or ambient air to convert them into ozone. Electrical energy is added to oxygen molecules (O2) to produce ozone gas (O3). This combination forces oxygen atoms to temporarily split and combine with other oxygen molecules.

The resulting ozone can then be used for a number of applications including water purification and disinfection, among other things.

Installation of Onsite Oxygen Generators for Ozone Generation

Installing onsite oxygen generators guarantees that you’ll always have a steady and consistent supply of oxygen for ozone production at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about transporting heavy, expensive oxygen cylinders or bulk liquid oxygen to your jobsite. This can also significantly reduce your operational costs and promotes greater environmental sustainability for your company.

What Are the Benefits of Concentrated Oxygen Instead of Ambient or Dry Air?

Ozone can be produced by using ambient air, dry air or concentrated oxygen. Concentrated oxygen can be supplied by using an oxygen generating system.

Using ambient air and/or dry air is a low cost feedstock for the production of ozone but the drawback is only small amounts of ozone can be produced. Using concentrated oxygen from an oxygen generator is more expensive however using concentrated oxygen as a feedstock for producing ozone has the benefit of greatly increasing your ozone production vs. using ambient or dry air.

Concentrated oxygen is an oxygen supply that has a minimum 90% purity rating and is almost completely devoid of moisture with a dew point of -70 degrees F or better. The lack of moisture along with the fact that it allows for a consistent ozone output for long periods of time and eliminates corona cell maintenance all make concentrated oxygen the ideal choice for ozone production. Using concentrated oxygen for ozone production allows you to produce 2 to 3 times more ozone then using extremely dry air. Given higher ozone production can be achieved the ozone is also more water soluble.

Get Custom-Designed Oxygen Generating Systems from Advanced Gas Technologies

Advanced Gas Technologies is one of the leading providers of high-quality PSA and VPSA oxygen generators that can be custom engineered for various industrial applications across Ontario. Onsite oxygen production has many cost-saving and environmental benefits that can also optimize your operational efficiency. Our expert technicians provide reliable installation, maintenance, and repair services. Contact us today to learn more about onsite oxygen generators and how they can benefit your operation.

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