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Mobile Nitrogen Generation Systems

Portable Nitrogen on Demand: Exploring the Benefits of Mobile Nitrogen Generation Systems

Nitrogen is an inert, colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that makes up about 78% of air. Nitrogen is an essential element for life and plays a crucial role in various biological and industrial processes. As a result, nitrogen gas is one of the most sought-after elements for many industrial applications due to its inert properties.

In the past, manufacturing industries such as food and beverage manufacturing, electronics and metal manufacturing, pharmaceutics, mining, oil and gas, and others that rely on high-purity nitrogen gas for their processes depended on vendors providing bottled nitrogen. But today, nitrogen gas can be generated with mobile nitrogen generation systems. These systems enhance safety, reduce environmental impact, increase flexibility, and, most of all, help to save money.

What Is a Mobile Nitrogen Generation System?

A mobile nitrogen generation system is a transportable gas generation system that produces high-purity nitrogen gas from the air. Here is how it works: The mobile nitrogen generation system takes in compressed air and removes unwanted components such as oxygen, moisture, and other impurities. The result is high-purity nitrogen gas that can be used for various industrial applications.

Mobile nitrogen generation systems offer many benefits over conventional supply methods, such as liquid or bottled nitrogen. Onsite nitrogen generators can be easily transported to different locations, making them ideal for remote sites. They can provide a continuous supply of high-purity nitrogen; all they need is access to a stable source of compressed air.

With bottled nitrogen, however, there is a risk of running out of nitrogen during critical operations. With industrial mobile nitrogen gas, there is no need to worry about buying or refilling nitrogen cylinders or dewars.

Benefits of Mobile Nitrogen Generation Systems

Learn more about the benefits of using mobile nitrogen generation systems in your industrial applications.

  • Reduced cost: Mobile nitrogen generation systems eliminate the need for purchasing, transporting, and storing liquid or bottled nitrogen. This can result in significant savings in operating and maintenance costs.
  • Increased safety: Mobile nitrogen generation systems reduce the risk of accidents or injuries associated with handling high-pressure cylinders or cryogenic liquids. They also eliminate the possibility of running out of nitrogen supply during critical operations. Moreover, they can provide a continuous and reliable supply of nitrogen at the desired purity and pressure levels.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Mobile nitrogen generation systems reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting and storing liquid or bottled nitrogen. They also minimize the waste and disposal of empty cylinders or residual liquid. Furthermore, they can operate on renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.
  • Increased flexibility: Mobile nitrogen generation systems can be easily deployed and relocated to remote or inaccessible locations where conventional supply methods are not feasible or economical. They can also be customized and integrated with other equipment to suit different applications and requirements.

Types of Mobile Nitrogen Generation Systems

There are different types of mobile nitrogen generation systems. Read more about each of them below:

Mobile Nitrogen Generation Units (MNGUs)

Transporting nitrogen cylinders at high pressure to remote areas is very dangerous, and that is why mobile nitrogen generation units (MNGUs) are ideal for these areas. MNGUs are a type of mobile nitrogen generator suitable for remote sites because of swift deployment, minimal transport and removal times, as well as the ability to produce nitrogen at high purities on demand.

Nitrogen Generator Containerized Mobile Systems

As you might have deduced from the name, nitrogen generator containerized mobile systems are a type of nitrogen generator with a nitrogen generation system housed in one shipping container. With this system, you can install your nitrogen generation system outdoors while ensuring uncompromised performance because everything you need to produce your nitrogen is already built within the container.

Mobile Nitrogen Generation System

The mobile nitrogen generation system type also produces nitrogen gas; its main advantage is its mobility. It can be easily transported to any location, making it ideal for remote sites and temporary operations where a fixed nitrogen supply is not feasible.

Talk to the Team at Advanced Gas Technologies

Mobile nitrogen generation systems have many advantages over conventional supply methods, from their cost-effectiveness, constant supply of nitrogen they provide on demand, and, most especially, their convenience. You don’t need to worry about moving, refilling, or storing high-pressure nitrogen cylinders. A mobile nitrogen generation system is the right solution for your industrial nitrogen needs.

Advanced Gas Technologies offers mobile nitrogen generation system for your needs. Our team of experts will ensure that the system is tailored to meet your industry or specific requirements with our custom engineered gas generation systems. Contact us today to learn about our products.

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