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Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generators for Sintering

Metallurgical sintering is the process of fusing metal powders to create solid metallic objects with a near-net shape. The sintering process involves compacting and heating a mixture of metal powders at a high temperature. One key factor in optimizing the sintering process is the control of the atmosphere in which the sintering process takes place. […]

Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation for Aerospace Applications

Safety is paramount in the aerospace industry. Nitrogen gas is one element used to ensure a safe environment as it maintains inert atmospheres and prevents combustion in systems operating under high temperatures or pressure. To do this effectively, a consistent supply of nitrogen is indispensable in the aerospace industry, and this is where onsite nitrogen […]

Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generators for Aluminum Degassing: All You Need to Know

Degassing aluminum can be done efficiently through the use of nitrogen gas. By sparging or bubbling the nitrogen gas through the aluminum, it will bind with hydrogen and remove the molecules from the metal. But in order to make use of this cost-effective aluminum degassing process you require a steady supply of nitrogen. The good […]