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The Future of Nitrogen Generating Systems

A nitrogen generator is a machine used to produce nitrogen gas from compressed air sources. The machine works by separating nitrogen gas from the air.

Nitrogen gas generators are used in food processing, pharmaceutical production, mining, breweries, chemical manufacturing, electronics, etc. It is a cost-effective solution to producing nitrogen gas, and as these industries continue to grow and expand, so does the demand for nitrogen-generating systems.

Industrial Nitrogen Generator Market Trends

Nitrogen generating systems are classified into two types: Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) generators and Membrane nitrogen generators.

PSA nitrogen generators use adsorption to separate nitrogen gas from the air. In this process, Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is used to capture oxygen and other impurities from the compressed air, leaving nitrogen to pass through.

Membrane gas generators, like PSA, also use compressed air to produce nitrogen gas. While the compressed air passes through the membrane, oxygen, and CO2 travel through the fibers faster than nitrogen because nitrogen is a “slow” gas, which enables the purified nitrogen to be captured.

Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generators are the most popular nitrogen generators in the market. They are anticipated to continue to dominate the market due to their ease of use and low cost. PSA nitrogen generators can also produce higher nitrogen purities than membrane systems. Membrane systems can achieve purity levels of 99.5%, while PSA systems can achieve purity levels of 99.999%, making them ideal for industrial applications requiring high nitrogen purity levels.

The demand for nitrogen gas in the food, medical & pharmaceutical, transportation, and manufacturing industries has led to the exponential demand for nitrogen generators. Furthermore, nitrogen gas generators are a reliable nitrogen source, especially for large industrial facilities where high volumes of nitrogen are needed for their applications.

Nitrogen generators can produce high-quality nitrogen onsite to meet the demands of large industries such as food and beverage processing units for preservative purposes.

According to Markets and Markets, the global nitrogen generators market was valued at $ 11.2 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $17.8 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2020 to 2030.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Nitrogen Gas Generating System Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic also impacted the nitrogen-generating systems market. It caused disruptions in the supply chain and production processes, leading to a temporary market slowdown.

One of the significant challenges facing the nitrogen system manufacturing industry today is increasing competition. This is because nitrogen generators are in high demand in different industries: food and beverage, medical, laser cutting, heat treating, petrochemical, chemical, etc. These industries have realized that nitrogen generators are a more reliable nitrogen gas source than cylinder supplies, and more and more companies are entering the market, causing the existing giants in the industry to improve the efficiency of their generators and offer competitive prices to stay ahead of the competition.

Another challenge is compliance with safety, electrical, and environmental regulations. Manufacturers must ensure that their nitrogen generators meet the required electrical and safety regulations.

However, nitrogen-generating systems will continue growing as nitrogen generators enter new markets. In medical facilities, for instance, nitrogen gas is used to push oxygen from specific areas, packages, and containers. This helps in reducing the risk of combustion and fire and prevents oxidation of products and equipment.

Government initiatives and free trade agreements worldwide will boost manufacturing in developing countries and increase the use of nitrogen generators in different industries.

Learn More About Advanced Gas Technologies

The market size for nitrogen generating systems is expanding and will continue to grow in the years to come. Nitrogen gas generators are efficient, cost less, and produce high-purity gas constantly onsite while reducing aa company’s carbon footprint. At Advanced Gas Technologies, we are proud to offer highly efficient PSA and membrane nitrogen gas generators. Our PSA gas generators can produce nitrogen gas as high as 99.99999%.

Investing in a high-performance gas generator like ours will help you produce your gas onsite, save money, and prevent potential injuries your workers might sustain while handling cylinders, especially during transportation. Call us today to learn more about our nitrogen generating systems.

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